During my tenure at my former coworking company, I was responsible for culture and community. In my opinion, these two are one and the same. The staff who manages the facility and supports the members is essentially setting the tone for the community, thus the culture that exists within the staff directly affects the culture within the community.

When both are in alignment with supporting collaboration, ownership, transparency and purpose, the company can see the benefits in happy and productive employees and members, alike.

I had the amazing job of ensuring that these two aspects of our brand were highly functioning. I studied brands I admired, like Zappos, Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines and Delivering Happiness. Places that made me feel good as a customer and places where I encountered happy employees regularly. As I dove deeper into the realm of culture I began to understand how the principles of respect and listening were inherent to fostering a culture of inclusiveness. When people feel good, they do good.

In coworking spaces across the world, members are respecting each other and listening to each other and in turn collaborating. We know that coworking makes people happier and more productive. Thus, when coworkers feel better they do better.

So what can coworking teach corporations? Well, start with smart space usage, we’ve been working on that for 11 years. There’s also the collaboration aspect that occurs between multidisciplinary teams at coworking spaces. Add to that the increase in employee engagement that comes when people feel aligned with their company’s purpose and culture. I think coworking can teach corporations how to value the human connections we in coworking value so highly. Hopefully, these connections will allow people working in corporations to feel better (current estimates show employee engagement at an all-time low in this country, with 70% of the US workforce being disengaged), do better and create a happier workforce which is equally productive, profitable and purpose driven.

I’m curios, how do you see coworking influencing corporations?

Pssst. Wanna learn more about this idea of corporations and coworking? Check out the work being done by our friends through the Open Work Agency.

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