Episode 30: Open Coworking

Open Coworking is a non-profit which maintains the 5 open-source resources for the Coworking movement, the Coworking Blog, the Coworking Wiki, The Coworking Leadership Slack Channel, the Coworking Visa and the Coworking Google Group. I chat with Tony Bacigalupo about the vital work he and the core team do and what the future holds for the Coworking movement.

About Tony Bacigalupo

Tony Bacigalupo is the co-founder and Mayor of New Work Cities, a network of coworking community organizers. He is also a director at Open Coworking, a nonprofit that advocates for coworking worldwide. An avid organizer, Tony has been working on the development of coworking communities and support ecosystems for the new workforce since 2007. He was cofounder and Mayor of NYC’s first dedicated coworking space, New Work City, from 2008 to 2015.

Tony has experience consulting urban-level community development projects, including the Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Bell Works in Holmdel, NJ, the 312 Main project in Vancouver, and the Hive at 55 (now LMHQ) in Lower Manhattan (the first coworking space run by a Business Improvement District).

Tony also has authored one book and co-authored another (No More Sink Full of Mugs: Lighten your workload, increase participation, and build better culture in your coworking space and I’m Outta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete), and has spoken at various events around the world including SXSW, GCUC, and Maker Faire.

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