Community Manager profile: Shannon Richards

I’m live from GCUC Canada in Montreal, chatting with Shannon Richards of The Two Twenty. We talk about her role as a community manager.

About Shannon Richards

Cultivator of community, communicator to the masses, bringer of sunshine, and ambassador of awesome.

Through my work with Shift Development, I am the Community Manager of The Two Twenty; Saskatchewan’s first and largest coworking space.

At Shift, we seek to build and create unique spaces. Essential to our infill designs is the belief that the spirit of community and a true sense of belonging is the heart of creating a great urban life. This vision has made The Two Twenty the game-changer it has become as a catalyst for revitalizing Saskatoon’s historic Riversdale district, as well as becoming home for many of the city’s finest creatives and innovators.

Aside from crushing it at the office, I am also passionate about the performing arts, cycling, yoga, paddle boarding, and all things green.

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