Episode 14: Coworking Services: Included.co Offers Access to Group Buying Power

Hector Kolonas is building Included.co as a platform for coworking and shared workspaces to access service offerings at a discount to their members. Offering services geared towards coworking spaces and their members, Hector’s goal is to help small businesses grow.

One way he is doing so is by bringing independent coworking operators and the small businesses that fill out their spaces the kind of group buying power traditionally confined to large corporations. We will find out what’s involved in joining the Included.co network, who’s in the network and the types of offerings available to operators and members.

About Hector Colonas

Hector is a passionate problem-solver with a key interest in bridging gaps between traditional business models and new technology. Hector’s focus at included.co is to remove the dead-time that surrounds the sourcing of workspace and service/product providers, allowing businesses to remain focussed on what’s important… growth.

Whilst overcoming the many unnecessary frustrations faced as a 16-year-old entrepreneur in Cyprus, he promised himself to one day become wealthy enough to help other young entrepreneurs in early-stage ecosystem. 10 years later, whilst consulting businesses in a rapidly-collapsing economy, Hector launched what became included.co, in order to help businesses grow, independent of his own financial standing. By bridging together independently-run shared spaces worldwide, businesses can access previously unimaginable buying power, reach and economies of scale, just for basing themselves in any partner workspace within the network.

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