Why and How

Connect with other coworking staffers and community managers to share best practices, learn new ideas and find resources to help you manage your facilities, connect your members and create your best coworking experience!

Sign on to a video conference once per month and stay in touch all month long through a Slack team.

The call format is as follows:

Brief check in from participants (up to two minutes each) with the following prompts:

  • Name
  • Coworking Company/Space
  • A “win” or “celebration” that the participant’s team, community or participant is currently experiencing at work
  • A “challenge” the team or participant’s team is currently experiencing at work

I then call out the challenges I heard (often there are themes, such as operational issues, training of new hires or marketing challenges) and then provide coaching in addition to facilitating group discussion around the specific topic, encouraging ideas to be shared as much as possible.  I make sure to give air time to each person on the call.

We wrap the call with each person listing their take-away, which allows them to keep the ideas/tactics they learned on the call fresh in their minds when heading back to their day.  I end the call encouraging each person to converse throughout the month online.

Feel free to reach out to me with questions, feedback or just to chat!



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